The Hinoki Tree

Origin: Japan—Primarily the mountainous Kiso region of Nagano Prefecture.

Hinoki means: White Cedar (in Japanese)

Size: grows to approximately 40 meters tall, and 1 meter wide.

Life of Tree: typically 200 to 300 years. But, some live 1,000 years or more.

Uses of Hinoki Wood: for over 2,000 years it was the preferred wood of emperors. It was used to build their palaces, temples, shrines, and bath tubs.

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Hinoki Oil Extraction Method

Water-steam distilled from the wood—a process that extracts the oil and separates it from the water.

Characteristics:   thin, brown liquid with a sweet woodsy scent
Common Uses:   For over 2,000 years, Hinoki oil has been used by pouring into bath water to treat skin irritations such as abrasions, cuts, and rashes of all types. In the past, the bath tub itself was made of Hinoki tree wood.

Reasons For Thinning Hair

The Most Common Reasons for Thinning Hair in Women and Men


    FEMALE ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA (FAA). FAA is the most common reason for thinning hair in women. It usually thins the overall head of hair. FAA is directly related to significant hormonal changes in a woman. Changes in birth control, pregnancy, child birth, and menopause are the most common factors.


    FEMALE TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM (FTE) : is usually ignited by a shock to the body’s hormone system. High stress, crash diets, changes in medications, vitamin/mineral and other nutritional deficiencies create hormone imbalances. FTE is characterized by large amounts of shedding hair and patches of hair loss.


    ALOPECIA AREATA : is still a science in development. Thinning hair is believed to be tied to the body’s auto-immune system. The bodies immune system falsely perceives the hair follicle as a foreign object and begins to purge it from the scalp. Thyroid conditions and other illnesses are believed to be the cause

All of the above changes can cause a drop in estrogen levels which allows the conversion of testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). This in turn causes a build-up of excess sebum in the scalp.

The good news is that System Hinoki products help clean away follicle clogging sebum, while volumizing and strengthening the hair.

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Are Your Hair Folicles Dead Or Alive?

The 10-5-2 Rule

There is no drug or natural product that can bring dead hair follicles back to life. But, many people with hair loss have follicles that are still alive and in the dormant stage.

  • WOMEN’S hair follicles will usually stay alive but dormant for at least 10 years
  • MEN who have thinning hair in their 30s and 40s have hair follicles that will usually stay alive for at least 5 years
  • MEN who have thinning hair in their late teens or early 20s have hair follicles that will usually stay alive for at least 2 years


(also known as Chamaecyparis Obtusa Oil)

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Directions For Hinoki Products

  • Hinoki Shampoo

    Be Gentle with Your Scalp!

    Massaging the scalp lightly with Hinoki Shampoo is key for achieving the best results. While washing your hair, always do this for at least 15-20 seconds. Massaging "vigorously" is a not a good idea for most people. It can do more harm than good, especially for people with naturally oily scalps. Vigorous massaging of the scalp can actually increase the sebum production (and build-up) which is what causes most of the problems associated with thinning hair. For some people, the biggest problem with massaging the scalp vigorously, with ANY shampoo, is the obvious one: a dry and itchy scalp.

    This Shampoo is Not for Moisturizing
    The purpose of Hinoki Shampoo is to help with the problem of thinning hair. It was not designed as a "moisturizing shampoo". However, if you have dry, damaged hair you can treat those problems at the same time you’re treating your thinning hair problem. One way to help add moisture is to also use Hinoki Conditioner and Hinoki Thickener Leave in Conditioner. However, for very dry and damaged hair, we recommend using Hinoki in conjunction with a dedicated moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, rotating the product lines (on different days) as follows

    • Use Hinoki products 4 days per week
      (example: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun)
    • Use the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner 3 days per week
      (example: Tue, Thu, Sat)

    Our research shows that this rotation of products works better than using combination products on the same days. Once your thinning hair problem has improved, you can use Hinoki for just two days per week as a maintenance program, if you want to focus on other hair problems.

  • Hinoki Conditioner

    Don’t Put Heavy Burdens on Your Hair!

    One of the main problems for people with thinning hair is finding a way to add more moisture to the hair without weighing it down, which can make already thin, weak hair break off. Hair breakage is just as big of a problem for women as hair falling out at the scalp. So, when your hair is dry and in need of extra moisture, use Hinoki Conditioner because of its extra lightweight formula that won’t put damaging stress on your hair. Even though this product is mainly for the hair, it contains Hinoki oil and other supporting ingredients for scalp therapy, just like Hinoki Shampoo.

    After shampooing, put a quarter size to half dollar size amount (depending on hair length) in your hand, and massage it through the hair and scalp for at least 15-20 seconds. Rinse Hinoki Conditioner out of your hair, as the LAST thing you do before getting out of the shower. This extra time will allow Hinoki Conditioner to give your hair more strength, volume, moisture, and shine.

  • Hinoki Plus

    Let's Get Right to the Point!

    The purpose of Hinoki Plus is simple: to drive Hinoki Oil deep into the scalp, as quickly and directly as possible. This is accomplished because the foundation of the formula is SD-Alcohol 40-B. This removes most obstacles from the scalp pores that could potentially block out Hinoki Oil. This alcohol is a mild form of alcohol and is widely used in cosmetics, skin care products, and hair products.

    Caution: SD-Alcohol 40-B is commonly used in consumer products. While most people don’t have any problems using this type of alcohol, some people might experience a dry or irritated scalp when using it.

    Note: SD-Alcohol 40-B is NOT in any of these other Hinoki products: Hinoki Shampoo, Hinoki Conditioner, or Hinoki Hair Thickener.

    Hinoki Plus is the only Hinoki product that we recommend testing lightly first to make sure that it doesn’t irritate your scalp. For the first week, use every other day. If you experience any scalp discomfort or irritation from using Hinoki Plus every other day, STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY. If you don’t experience any scalp discomfort or irritation, then increase to everyday use. If you experience scalp discomfort or irritation from using every day, then reduce back to every other day use.

    You may use Hinoki Plus when your hair is either damp or dry. When spraying, hold the pump just a few inches away from scalp, and aim for the scalp only. You should spray on the most thinning areas of your scalp, but it’s best to cover the whole scalp to prevent other areas from thinning. The spray may inadvertently land on any hair that’s close to your scalp, but the goal is to cover the scalp. It is not a hair conditioner, and there is no benefit in soaking the hair with it. It is exclusively a scalp therapy product. It can be applied at any time of the day or at night. The key is to leave it on your scalp for at least 2 hours before washing it out. You may leave it on all day and night if desired. After applying, massage the scalp lightly (not vigorously) for 15-20 seconds. Wash off of hands after applying.

  • Hinoki Hair Thickener

    Did You Actually Just Say That?

    Imagine a hair product manufacturer saying, "not everyone needs this product", about one of their products! That's exactly what we're saying about Hinoki Hair Thickener. For people with naturally oily to very oily hair, all you need is Hinoki Shampoo, Hinoki Conditioner, and Hinoki Plus. But for people with naturally dry to very dry hair, and those with brittle or weak hair that breaks off easily, Hinoki Hair Thickener - Leave-in Conditioner, will be the best product you've ever used! It will keep the extra moisture you need on your hair and scalp, while strengthening, volumizing, and treating your scalp all day long. Hair Thickener does all of this with a lightweight formula that won’t put too much weight and stress on your hair, like most leave-in creamy conditioners will. Most leave-ins will give you extra moisture, but will cause your already weak hair to break off from the heavy weight of the formula. They also clog the scalp pores, restricting healthy hair growth, which leads to bald and thinning areas. Hinoki Hair Thickener is "the answer" that you've been looking for to dry, weak, thinning hair.

    After shampooing, while the hair is still damp, put a nickel to quarter size amount in the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and then through your hair, spreading Hair Thickener from your scalp to the ends of your hair. Afterward, you may style with any styling product you wish. Hinoki Hair Thickener can be used every day if needed.

NOTE: We highly recommend you try our System 911 Products for your dry hair-treatment products, because they won't leave the "hair-drying protein build-up" that many other brands leave on the hair.

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