In 1985, HAYASHI was founded in Los Angeles, CA. The first mission of Hayashi was to create a product line that solved the two most common problems for hair: Dryness and Damage. Those problems are actually side effects that come from using hair color, flat irons, perms, etc… In other words, the things people do to make their hair look better can also make their hair look and feel much worse. Therefore, the 911 line was created.

The second company mission was to create a product line for Thinning Hair and Hair Loss, which are common problems that affect millions of people. After several years of research, The Hinoki line was created. The 911 and Hinoki product lines were later followed with a line of styling products called System Design. Then various other lines were created that all had the same solutions-based mission. Since the founding in 1985, Hayashi has always kept up with the latest developments in hair product ingredients and technology, and implemented those developments into their products. Over the last three decades, Hayashi products have been used by millions of satisfied customers in more than 50 countries.

In 2006, Hayashi moved to Littleton, Colorado, a better location for U.S. distribution since Colorado is in the middle of the country. Today, the latest research and development techniques still continue to keep Hayashi products on the cutting edge of hair and scalp solutions.